There is no longer an exit exam at the end of ELWR 1 and ELWR 2A. Instead, at the end of the term, you will submit to your instructor a final portfolio that will be used to determine whether or not you are ready to enroll in the college writing programs.

What should my portfolio include?

Your portfolio will include the following assignments:

  • An overview that prepares your readers for what they are about to read
  • Your argument essay, all drafts
  • Either your summary & synthesis essay, your third essay, or two shorter essays, all drafts included
  • A final reflection, written in class according to the directions of your instructor
  • ELWR 2A-2B students will include a summary of their log of grammatical and syntactical issues as well
Except for the final in-class reflection, you will have a chance to work on and revise all of these papers in the last two weeks of the term. You will want to make sure that you follow the formatting outlined in the syllabus, and that you keep up with the work of the course.  It will be difficult to produce a good portfolio if you have not worked hard on all of your assignments.

How will my portfolio be evaluated?

Your portfolio will be carefully assessed by your instructor and one other instructor according to the course objectives. These two instructors will read your portfolio and will ask:

  • Has the writer demonstrated the ability to analyze and respond to academic texts?
  • Is the writer using writing as a means of critical inquiry?
  • Can the writer formulate an argument that engages in larger academic conversations?
  • Does the writer advance a clear claim?
  • Can the writer utilize organizational structures and language conventions appropriate to an academic audience?
  • Has the writer practiced revision and editing using feedback from the instructor and peers?
  • Does the writer reflect effectively on his or her critical thinking and writing processes?
  • Is the writer able to find and use evidence from multiple sources?
  • Does the writer use citations according to the principles of the UC San Diego Academic Integrity Policy?

If you are able to demonstrate basic competence in all or most of these areas, your evaluators will advance you to the College Writing Programs. If they determine that you are not ready, you will need to re-enroll in an Analytical Writing course. If your evaluators cannot agree on the portfolio assessment, a third evaluator will make the final determination.  

Portfolios that demonstrate competency in the course objectives will be passed with a grade of C or above. If your portfolio passes, you will be able to enroll in your college writing course. If your portfolio demonstrates that you are not ready for college writing, you will receive a grade of C- or lower for the course.  You will enroll in an additional ELWR course.

What if I want to appeal the decision?

You can find information about the appeals process .