The Writing Center

The Writing Center + Critical Expression Hub supports all writers on campus--every writer, any project--and promotes writing as a tool for learning.  They are located on the lower level of Geisel Library.


OASIS—or the Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services—provides individual tutoring and workshops in many subjects, including writing and language skills.

Embedded Mentor Program

The Embedded Mentor Program places undergraduate mentors in several ELWR 2A-2B classes in order to provide students with one-on-one writing support. If you are enrolled in one of these courses, you will be required to meet weekly with your mentor who will individualize instruction so that it meets your specific writing needs.  

Embedded mentors are capable writers who have done well in their College Writing Programs. The mentors have been trained so that they understand the demands of your course and can help you meet those demands. The mentors can work with you to address a range of challenges, including coming up with good topics to write about, developing an interesting claim, organizing your argument, supporting that argument with evidence from the readings, and crafting clear and coherent paragraphs and sentences. They will not proofread your papers, but they will help you locate and address any problems that you are having with grammar or style.  

If you have questions regarding the program, contact the Analytical Writing Office.